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 The Care Package/EAD Rank Up Method

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The Care Package/EAD Rank Up Method Empty
PostSubject: The Care Package/EAD Rank Up Method   The Care Package/EAD Rank Up Method EmptyWed Aug 11, 2010 9:56 pm

For those of you that don't know the Care Package/EAD method is when you put on a care package, predator missile, and EAD for your killstreaks. what you do is get your CP/EAD and throw it. Then pick up Choppers/AC130s/Pavelows only and give away the rest. This gives you alot of points and if you feel like it just get rid of everything. I do this and rank up quickly most of the time. you get 50 points times the kills for the killstreak and if that makes no sense look at the table below

UAV: 150 Points
Counter UAV: 200 Points
Sentry Gun/Predator: 250 Points
Percision Airstrike: 300 Points
Harriers/Attack Helicopter: 350 Points
Pavelow/Stealth Bomber: 450 Points
AC-130/Chopper Gunner: 550 Points
EMP: 750 Points
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The Care Package/EAD Rank Up Method
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