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 Working Leaderboard Hack Tut

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PostSubject: Working Leaderboard Hack Tut   Working Leaderboard Hack Tut EmptyFri Aug 27, 2010 10:09 am

hey guys i did not make this tut but i thought you guys could use it so here it is

ok guys i have decided to post this leaderboard tut it is not mine but i have not seen it posted so i have decided to post it i hope you like

What you need:
A USB drive
A Brain
Leaderboard hack Tool

^ obvious i know, but you'll be surprised at some peoples stupidity

Step 1:

Create 2 Offline Profiles - ERROR + HACK and copy these to your USB flash drive.

Step 2:

open up each MPDATA with the Leaderboard hack Tool and edit as shown:


Working Leaderboard Hack Tut 200qszr

* "Byte Error" + "Unlock Everything" MUST be ticked

* Use all other stats as shown in the pic above


Working Leaderboard Hack Tut 6sg9b5

* "Unlock Everything" MUST be ticked

* "Prestige" doesnt matter

* The following must be the same: EXP (2516000) , Score (2147483646) , Wins (2147483) , Kills (2147483)

* Everything else doesnt matter but i would keep "Time Played" over 20 days.

Step 3:

Now copy both files back to PS3 and go through the uncorrupting process if you edited your files (see spoiler)

How to Uncorrupt Files
Step 4:

Once your files are uncorrupted, bypass the patch with your chosen method and click "Play Online" to recall your stats.

* Then go to splitscreen, load the ERROR file and prestige it (ignore the byte error message).

* Now go to LAN, load the HACK file but DON'T prestige this one.

* Back out of LAN and click "Play Online" - you should see the STATS of the HACK file.

Step 5:

Now you need to find a game - preferably FFA.
* Once in game you can run around, shoot but DO NOT KILL
* You need to be killed by someone, immediately after they kill you - leave game and PRESTIGE
* Thats it, check the leaderboards to see where it put you - the stats should stick Smile

btw guys the first 2 leaderboard hack tool words are links to download the tool
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Working Leaderboard Hack Tut
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